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On my way to the life I choose to live, I am lost in turmoil of feelings. I feel happiness above all. New journey… New chapter…a whole New life.

Sadness of leaving all those that I love, shared time with, a life of 8 years in a country I loved and hated at the same time, and leaving a rewarding legal career of 15 years, are all heavy in my heart. Most wonderful memory. It was a good journey, fast flowing chapter and an amazing growth within me. Now, it’s time to move on.

A fresh start for new experiences. A life to follow ones passion, and a love of nature are just a couple of reasons for the long journey to Canada. I know it’s going to be hard: making new friends, adapting to a new life, building a new career. But new it will be and that’s what life is all about.

It’s not worth spending ones life in fear of new things no matter how unsettling or hard it may be. We say now, here, but never really live now. Stuck, either in the past or longing for future, and the irony of life is, now is all we have. It’s easy to live in the past or in fear of the future. What takes courage is living now and following your dreams. I want to share my new journey – my experience – with everyone and to share with you the fulfilling feeling of going after a dream, following ones passion and what living now is like.

This is my third journey and I want this journey to be as beautiful, exciting, and as full as my other journeys with new ventures and lessons. It’s hard to follow a dream; it’s a constant chase and battle. We are tested ruthlessly on our path to our dream but this is just to make sure we really want what we are chasing but with determination we get there eventually. After all it’s more about the journey than the destination. I will share that journey with you.

I am hoping that my story will spark that light in my readers to follow their dream, to live now and to love their journey. To embrace life and to take risks. After all isn’t life all but a journey to our destiny?

Here I am, leaving a fantastic legal career to being a culinary art student, leaving a country I lived in for 8 years to somewhere I’ve never seen, from living in one of the warmest countries to one of the coldest countries in the world and changing the colour of life from sand beige to emerald green. Most importantly I am doing this because I want and choose to. I will plan my own journey to a destiny I make.

Join me…

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